[UPDATED] Regarding inquiries about the This American Life film, SLEEPWALK WITH ME

UPDATE (7/24): SLEEPWALK WITH ME has been tentatively booked at the Claremont, NoHo 7 and Playhouse 7 for 9/14.

Without consulting with us or offering us a chance to bid, the distributor of the film chose to assign the exhibition rights to the film to the Nuart Theatre in West L.A. This decision meant that the distributor had to accept the “clearance” policies claimed by the Nuart and its operator, Landmark Theatres, which include the requirement that the theatre have exclusive Los Angeles County rights to show the film. Since the film will be playing at the Nuart for two weeks beginning on 8/31, the earliest we could exhibit the film in any of our theaters is 9/14. No determination as yet as to whether or not the film will be doing enough business to warrant continued exhibition after the exclusive period at the Nuart.

We will see.